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A Full Suite of Business and Financial Management Services

Based on our solid foundation of integrity and professional excellence, we provide business finance management services to start-ups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs who are ready for growth.


We carefully match the knowledge, skills and experience of our workforce with your business, providing a level of uncompromising quality.

Business Modeling

We assist businesses in developing financial models that promote more informed decision-making and increase the value of commercial decisions. 


Our business modeling teams apply rigorous, organized, and collaborative approaches to address client difficulties by relying on cutting-edge methodology and the most recent tools.

Business Implementation

Our implementation specialists work with businesses to speed up execution in order to achieve long-term performance improvements and quantifiable, financial returns.


We support businesses throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to execution and capacity building. We strive for speedy ramp-ups, on-time delivery, and lasting change.

Remote CFO Services

A remote CFO (Chief Financial Officer) provides guidance and leadership to assist your business in operations management and strategic planning. 


We’ll partner you with a CFO that leverages their extensive financial knowledge and years of experience working with various clients to achieve sustainable growth.

Cloud Accounting Solutions

We go beyond the brief to provide a range of cloud accounting solutions that help you keep your finances on track.


Backed by best in class cloud accounting tools and technology, we provide a host of services that will help you transform your business into an innovative powerhouse.

Market Studies

Gain useful information about your products, technologies, clients, competitors, and the industry to help you make data-driven decisions for your company.


Our market studies assist companies in locating growth prospects and developing a competitive strategy based on a thorough comprehension of their target market. We adopt a strong, thorough market research strategy to ensure optimum research coverage.

Data Sourcing

At Ceres Ingenium, we are well-equipped to find and enrich datasets as per different project requirements on any scale.


We extract structured and unstructured data in accordance with project specifications, from small to very large databases. 


With our tried-and-true methodologies, you can be certain of precise workflow design, execution, and complete engagement at each stage of the process.


Ready to discuss your next big business project? 
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