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Business Modeling & Analysis

Robust Forecasts for Investment, Operational or Regulatory Purposes

We collaborate with clients to fully understand the business question and create custom, manageable, and adaptable decision-making tools that give them assurance in their understanding of the primary factors influencing risk and return.


At Ceres Ingenium, we pride ourselves on being expert quantitative problem solvers. We cut through the complexity and confusion to bring clarity to the most important issues facing your business.

The Financial Modeling Specialist You’ve Been Looking For

Our experienced modeling pros collaborate with clients to scope out, design, develop, test, and provide reliable, approachable financial modeling solutions.


Our business modeling services include:

Business evaluation

Market studies

Financial modeling

Corporate mapping

Marketing and branding assessment

Bankable business plan preparation

Technical due diligence

We support you from the initial feasibility study right through to gearing up staff to operate the finance and administration department.

Why Ceres Ingenium?

We have a longstanding history of supporting clients in a range of industries with their financial planning needs. 


Features of our services include:

Business Modeling-02.png

Robust and extensive practices (for both model build and model assurance)

transaction analysis-02.png

Highly skilled in advanced transactional analysis


Use of advanced tools and technologies


Use of advanced tools and technologies

Our proven strategies help with important management decisions, and are tailored to suit businesses of all types at every stage during the project.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your business modeling needs.

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