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Remote CFO Services

Specialist Financial Advice to Solve Your Company’s Most Challenging Problems

Ceres Ingenium helps you grow your business or launch a project in a smart, intentional way. With our remote CFO services, companies of all sizes benefit from our proven methods of addressing financial challenges in a cost-effective way. 


Our goal is to bring more clarity to your finances, curb unnecessary spending, and change your decision-making processes from reactionary to intentional.

Fully Customized CFO Services to Align With Your Business Needs

We provide a crystal clear analysis of your current financial data and how it affects your future opportunities for growth.

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Our remote CFO services include:

Capital planning and structuring

Business portfolio review

Pricing and reverse pricing analysis

Cash flows budgeting and management

Risk mitigation and internal control

Rehabilitation plan

Financial technology and automation

Backed by years of training and on-the-ground expertise, we help businesses analyze their financials, evaluate opportunities, and assess challenges, and uncover the ideal next steps.

Why Ceres Ingenium?

With our remote CFO services, businesses can rest assured that they will be operating at maximum efficiency.


Finances are complicated and time consuming. Having those responsibilities shouldered by an expert helps propel businesses forward and enables them to reach their full potential.

The benefits of working with Ceres Ingenium include:


Gain a better understanding of your finances so you can be confident in your decisions.


Work with an expert in a range of disciplines, from cost benefit analysis to contingency planning.


Rely on advanced tools and systems that guarantee the right outcomes.


Manage the risk factors in your company and strengthen your understanding of financial opportunities.

As masters of numbers and measurement, we’re ready to implement the right systems and methodologies for the best financial outcome.

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