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Data Sourcing Services

Trust the Experts in Curating, Standardizing and Analyzing Data

With our data sourcing services, you can find the right match of datasets for your projects. We use industry-leading technological tools to build you the most current and relevant database that is thoroughly checked and prepared for use.


Ceres Ingenium has access to proprietary databases as well as a large repository of in-house data. This ensures that rather than relying on a single supplier, we can provide you with a carefully tailored database from a wide variety of sources.


With our support, you can make sure the data you collect reflects your objectives and provides the information your business needs.

Access the Most Recent and Updated Data

Our solutions are very customizable. Within a few weeks, we can assist you in finding and creating the ideal database for your business.

Ceres Ingenium’s data sourcing services include:

Data Acquisition Program & Implementation

Market Monitoring Strategies

Businesses engage extensively in data-driven activities, it's essential that data is very effectively sourced, optimized, and managed. Additionally, 20+% of data on average becomes obsolete each year, which is why we help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Why Ceres Ingenium?

Our specialized in-house processes enable us to source data for diverse business objectives, such as risk/portfolio management.

With our tried-and-true procedures, you can be certain of precise workflow design, execution, and complete transparency at each stage of the process. 


At Ceres Ingenium, we extract unstructured and structured data ranging from smaller datasets to large scale datasets.

The benefits of working with us include:


Peace of mind knowing that any submitted data is yours to keep thanks to our ownership guarantee.

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Lower costs, improved efficiency, and better compliance.

improve processes-02.png

Advanced analysis, streamlined business processes, and reduction in internal data maintenance efforts.

We specialize in analyzing complex industry structures, engineering data acquisition processes that provide powerful competitive advantages.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your  data sourcing needs.

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